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Developmental Therapy

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What is Developmental Therapy?

Developmental Therapy is a developmental disability service that includes individually designed instruction, training or functional developmental intervention activities based on the assessment of, and unique strengths and needs of the childe, youth, and family or adult.

How does Development Therapy Help?

It is designed to support the individual in the acquisition of skills that the recipient has not gained during the developmental stages of life, and is not likely to develop without additional training and supports. For children and youth the focus is on strengthening skills in the major developmental domains and may include training and activities in areas such as self-help, language and cognitive development, and psychosocial skills.

Developmental Therapy includes the systematic planning and involvement of people, materials, and places to assist in designing learning environments to create opportunities that help the child or youth learn through related activities that encourage and enhance skills in the developmental domains.

For adults, Developmental Therapy may include training in activities to strengthen appropriate developmental functioning in areas such as self-care, mobility, socialization, independent living, and self-advocacy and rights. This service focuses on assisting individuals/ families in becoming connected to naturally occurring support systems and relationships in the community, including developing and providing support for health and safety factors.

This service is also intended to assist families in responding to a wide range of challenges related to functional outcomes for their child. A service order for developmental therapy must be completed by a physician, licensed psychologist, physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner according to their scope of practice prior to or on the day the services are provided.

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