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Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACTT)

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What is the Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACTT)?

The Assertive Community Treatment Team is a service provided by an interdisciplinary team that ensures services availability 24 hours a day, 7 days per week and is prepared to carry out a full range of treatment functions wherever and whenever needed.

Who is appropriate for an ACT Team?

An individual is referred to the Assertive Community Treatment Team service when it has been determined that his/her needs are so pervasive and/ or unpredictable that they can not be met effectively by any other combination of available community services. This service is targeted to the ten percent of MH/DD/SA service recipients who have serious and persistent mental illness or co-occurring disorders, dual and triply diagnosed and the most complex and expensive treatment needs.

How can an ACT Team help?

Activities are designed to: promote symptom stability and appropriate use of medication; restore personal, community living and social skills; promote and maintain physical health; establish access to entitlements, housing, work and social opportunities; and promote and maintain the highest possible level of functioning in the community.

Why a Team Approach?

This service is delivered in a team approach designed to address the identified needs of specialized populations and/ or the long term support of those with persistent MH/DD/SA issues that require intensive interventions to remain stable in the community. These service recipients would tend to be high cost, receive multiple services, decompensate to the point of requiring hospitalization before seeking treatment, seek treatment only during a crisis, or unable to benefit from traditional forms of clinic based services. This population has access to a variety of interventions twenty four hours, seven days per week by staff that will maintain contact and intervene as on organizational unit.

This team approach involves structured face to face scheduled therapeutic interventions to provide support and guidance in all areas of functional domains; adaptive, communication, personal care, domestic, psychosocial, problem solving, etc. in preventing, overcoming, or managing the recipient’s level of functioning and enhancing his/her ability to remain in the community.

This service includes interventions that address the functional problems associated with the most complex and/or pervasive conditions of the identified population. These interventions are strength based and focused on promoting symptom stability, increasing the recipient’s ability to cope and relate to others and enhancing the highest level of functioning in the community. ACTT provides ongoing assertive outreach and treatment necessary to address the service recipient’s needs effectively. Consideration of geographical locale may impact on the effectiveness of this service model. This model is primary a mobile unit, but includes some clinic based services.

Approval for ACTT sevice must be made by a physician, licensed psychologist, physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner.  

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