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Group Counseling

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What is group counseling?

Group counseling is a form of therapy, which is based on the knowledge that people benefit from shared experiences. Our group counseling is focused on particular issues, substance dependence, substance abuse, DWI education, family issues, and dual-diagnosis (both substance abuse and mental health disorders).  While your therapist manages group counseling, contributions from other members in the group are considered valuable since all in the group share similar issues.

How does group counseling work?

Group counseling is sometimes quite organized, with individuals doing specific activities together and then sharing the results. At other times, it may be more freeform, where people share current issues related to the group’s purpose.  During yet other groups, one group member's verbal contributions to a group might be discussed, validated, and provoke problem solving by other group members in a session. It might also be an entry into a discussion regarding a certain aspect of a condition, such as some aspect of addiction recovery that is primarily led by the therapist.

Does it work?

One of the main principals behind group counseling is the idea that dealing with specific issues may cause isolation, and a feeling that one is alone in facing one’s problems. Group counseling attempts to counteract this isolation by assembling people with similar issues to enforce that difficulties are not singular to one person. Additionally, knowing other people with similar troubles can be comforting to each individual, who may not have access in their own family and friends to people with the same problem.  It is a fact that we learn from each other and during group counseling we learn from other group members-both what works and what doesn't.

How do I begin group counseling?

Call your local ACTS office and request an assessment.  Depending upon your symptoms, a diagnostic evaluation may be more appropriate. We will schedule an intake and get your treatment started as soon as possible.