Alternative Care Treatment Systems, Inc.

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I am not a writer or a poet just simply a grateful person that felt a desire to express my appreciation for what ACTS has done for me. I hope by doing this someone else may see a glimpse of light in the dark life we as addicts and alcoholics find ourselves in.  There is a place to go that to me has made a difference. I found a holistic approach that helped me deal with the physical, mental, emotional, physiological, and spiritual issues that I have to deal with in my recovery.  I finally had answers to questions I always had such as why the many attempts at stopping before had failed.  Why I couldn’t just quit as many others said I should be able to do.  I found I needed support and guidance. ACTS was a place to go where I could hear from others in the same position that could tell me what they had learned and what they are doing to stay clean. I was an active addict for fourteen years before coming to ACTS. I had attempted to quit many times before both on my own and in facilities. All had failed before reaching out to ACTS. I found myself at rock bottom and knew I had to make a change. It was that first step that has made a better life for me. ACTS showed me the path to that better life. Although it had to be my decision to commit to staying clean, ACTS was there to show me how and put a spotlight on what could cause me to relapse. In ending this I just wanted to say thanks to the staff at ACTS they were all kind, honest, and incredibly knowledgeable. You have made a difference by what you do.

Chris T.


I came to ACTS because I was trying to recover from heroin addiction.  It was the right choice because the counselors really do care about their clients.  They really listened to me and treated me with respect.  They made me feel that I have value as a person and that I can recovery and stay clean.  At ACTS, I have gained a sense of belonging-of knowing that I am not alone in this.
Angela W.


After making calls to other agencies, ACTS seemed the best choice for my DWI treatment due to the staff's professionalism.  While I came here due to an old DWI to regain my driver's license, I have learned that changing behaviors is possible.  I found that our group exercises forced me to look at myself and my past behaviors.  The counseling was thorough, insightful, and empathetic.  I'd urge anyone in need of support while working through substance issues to come to ACTS.
Scott P.


I was facing prison time if I didn't change my lifestyle and I was looking at losing everything I have worked so hard for including my family.  I came to treatment because I was ordered to by a court.  Once here, I learned that the counseling that ACTS provides in great!  I learned that I do have a problem and as long as I stay focused and stay in my lane and take it one-day-at-a-time, that I have a lot to offer others.  Not only that, but I have a new outlook on life.  I'll tell anyone that if you choose ACTS and really want to find out what's causing you to stay miserable, they let you know and will help you to learn what you can to become more humble....and successful!


DSS was involved with my family and I was facing multiple DWIs when I came to ACTS.  I immediately knew that I had choosen the right place as the counselors genuinely care and help everyone on an individual basis.  I value the support and guidance that I received.  I was never treated as a number.  Through treatment, I have learned that I can live a normal, healthy lifestyle even after some of the poor choices of my past.  I urge anyone struggling with addiction, stress, mental illness, abuse, neglect, or depression to come to ACTS.


My doctor ordered me to get into substance abuse treatment.  The counseling that I've received?  I love it!  I am going to continue to come here, once in a while, after completing treatment, because I like it so much.  The counselors are knowledgeable and most have been in the same situations so I feel they know what we're going through.  Not only that, but I always found them to be sincere, honest, and caring.  From ACTS, I have gained the knowledge that I really can stay sober without being miserable.   I have truly learned to think different.  Thank you ACTS!
Teresa R.